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Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Mark Maier

Managing partner and co-founder, with overall responsibility
for MCMS’ operations in the United States.

Prior to co-founding MCMS in 2010, Mr. Maier acquired over 20 years of executive leadership and management experience across various personal and financial services organizations. Mr. Maier joined the State of Louisiana’s Small Rental Property Program in 2007 and serves as the Program Director. He has served in this role for 3 years under ICF International and under ACS/Xerox in separate contracts with the State of Louisiana.

As Program Director, he is responsible for directing all aspects of the program, including but not limited to executive management and oversight of operations, administration, planning, audit, compliance, contracts, over 187 staff, 8 contractors, 15 general construction contractors, and accountability for administering an $869 million Community Development Block Grant allocated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to repair and rebuild housing and communities that were devastated in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Mr. Maier continues to provide essential leadership and is deeply involved and committed on a personal level which has contributed to and produced: 
  • end-to-end restructuring of the initial program design and operations; and
  • 260% more affordable rental units generated in 10% less time at 55% less Admin Cost/unit; and,
  • nearly 15% of all affordable rental units nationally (by the State of LA); and,
  • no U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), U.S. Office of the Inspector General (OIG), U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) or Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA) findings relative to program non-compliance with policy/process or 24 CFR Sec 570 regulations in administering this $869 million CDBG program
To achieve this (in part), under Mr. Maier’s leadership, the program successfully implemented 3 additional program options, 8 new functions, 150 MIS reports, 56 policy changes, 44 policy clarifications, over 175 system changes, over 150 program letter templates, processed 4 rounds of funding, established 3 satellite offices, and successfully completed nearly 500,000 outreach contacts to program applicants. In addition, Mr. Maier established Key Performance Indicators and quickly reduced average outstanding appeal inventory by 90%, reduced average cycle time from application receipt to award approval by 26 days, and improved upon obligations of program awards to current, active applicants from 9% to 99%. To date, the program has closed and disbursed over $300 million dollars in federal funds to over 3,600 property owners to repair their storm-damaged, small-scale rental properties and make their units available to low- and moderate-income tenants at affordable rates. These 3,600 properties consist of over 7,000 livable rental units, of which over 90% of the units are at affordable rental rates.

Prior to joining the Small Rental Property Program, Mr. Maier was Vice President & Senior Operations Manager for JPMorgan Chase. In this role, he directed all aspects of Records & Imaging Management and Lien Release Operations for Chase Home Finance with full P&L responsibility ($50MM annually) and nearly 500 employees in over 4 sites nationally. Prior to that role, he served as Chief of Staff for the National Post Closing group. In his assignments, Mr. Maier was responsible for loan file and document management, data quality, legal review, administration, vendor management, resolution, client relations, MIS reporting, and many additional functions associated with servicing a $1 billion+ annual loan portfolio. Some of Mr. Maier’s major accomplishments include implementing a full-file imaging & shred solution while reducing cost per image (CPI) from $0.11 to $0.035 in under 10 months, while capturing over 50 million images monthly; developing and implementing a customized File/Doc Tracking & Delivery Management System to provide for accurate, automated control reporting, mitigation of risks and 80% reduction of pipeline inventories, cycle times, and costs; and reducing LOB per unit cost and improved per unit Productivity by 13.1% and 15.7% respectively.

While with JPMorgan Chase, Mr. Maier served on many of the firm's executive strategic planning and project management committees (most notably Bank One merger-related events) and also served as senior mentor on the leadership team in 2004-2005 and 2005-2006. Prior to his association with JP Morgan Chase, Mr. Maier’s forte centered around personal service corporations, such as Harrah’s Entertainment, while serving in varying capacities, including but not limited to Vice President & Chief Operations Officer.

With roots in accounting and a wealth of executive management experience across many types of organizations, Mr. Maier brings a unique perspective to his leadership role. He balances the structure and rigor of an effective operational organization with an aggressive and tenacious combination of dedication, skill, and a clear vision of how to meet specific objectives. Mr. Maier has assisted various organizations with strategic planning, operations management, and Gulf Coast rebuilding and is a consultant on numerous housing programs utilizing Community Development Block Grant and Neighborhood Stabilization Project funds. Mr. Maier holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Nicholls State University, completed the Becker CPA Review Course, and is a Six Sigma green belt.
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